About The American Vegan

Let me start with a confession, I love eating meat. Everything about it is delicious. I take my steak RARE. My burgers with bacon and cheese and a burrito just ain’t a burrito without chicken, cheese and sour cream.

Then, I watched THIS TALK. And I changed my mind. Not about how much I love eating meat, but I realized that by simply being a link in the meat industry chain as a consumer, I wasn’t the person I thought I was. I was suddenly no longer kind, or compassionate. I was no longer thoughtful or intelligent. I wasn’t the caring person I try so hard to be. I wasn’t backing up my beliefs with my actions and decisions. I was just as good as the people in the video. Barbaric. Disconnected. Cruel. Evil. Guilty. Sociopathic.

I was supporting the wrong side with my consumeristic choice and I was muting the good guy.

I watched and listened to this man explain what we do to get our animal products to the store shelves only one time. Actually, I’m not sure if I ever want to see it again. As I sit and watched, forcing myself to view in some parts, I thought about the dinner I had waiting for me in the fridge. The questions in my mind now turning to “Should I throw these animal products away or do I honor the animals who went through so much so I could have it for consumption by eating it?” Then, after deciding to eat my last animal meal my thought was “HOW am I going to get this down?”

It was the worst meal of my life. My face felt numb. My nerves were shaken. It was the sad end of living in ignorance. The party was over. The cake is made of blood.

I was not UNAWARE of the things we do to get animal products before watching this video. I knew that sometimes on some farms abuse occurs. When selecting meat, eggs, cheese and milk I sought out the FREE RANGE CAGE FREE GRASS FED ORGANIC SUNSHINE HAPPY FARMS. After all, I am a San Franciscan and we are BETTER MORE AWARE MORE COMPASSIONATE KINDER PRO FOLK. Right?

But that’s not good enough. Participating on any level is condoning of every level.

So, I quit.

Quitting was so easy. These Vegans have figured it out for us. They made us cheese. They made us milk. They even made us SAUSAGE. BACON. And holy hell… even ground crumbly bits to put in our tacos and spaghetti sauce that tastes and feels exactly like ground beef!

So, in honor of all this I’ve created this blog for people like me. Meatlover Vegans. And I will share my creations with all of you as I figure out how to satisfy my personal wants and needs without ordering up the death and torture of another living creature.


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