Local Fruit

I hit the road this weekend and had the pleasure of passing through some of our finest California farm towns. All of the little family homes nestled in fields of beautiful Strawberries, Nut Trees, Artichokes, Peaches and Peas made me wish I always had access to such a wonderful bounty.

It’s kind of a shock how inexpensive fresh produce is when you eliminate the middle man. I got 3 baskets of HUGE Strawberries and 8 Peaches for $8. After chatting with the farmers about the crazy mark up prices, it felt good to give my money vote directly to the people who grow and harvest.

Being able to connect directly with the person who picked my fruit (that day) was amazing and it made me think about the argument that eating a Vegan or Vegetarian diet is more expensive. It isn’t the fruits or vegetables that are costly. It isn’t the farmers who are asking top dollar. It’s the grocery chains who are trucking it in for us.

That’s why I love urban projects like Free Farm so much. We need more of these types of organizations instead of empty parking lots. I enjoy chatting with the grocers at the store about what’s coming in next but I LOVE talking with farmers about what they are going to GROW next even more.


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