Raw Juice

I LOVE to juice. I’ll juice anything. After having had some time to experiment with different combinations of vegetables and fruits, I’ve got some pretty great tips to share with those who may want to give raw juice a try. Once you go raw, you’ll never look at pasteurized juice the same.

First, selecting your juicer is a big deal. They can cost you a pretty penny and if you get the wrong one, you may not have as much fun getting your leafy greens down and out of the shoot. Take a look at the different sizes and capacities they offer. I happen to LOVE my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. It’s perfect for the amount of juice I’d like per day and easy to clean.

Before you dive into juicing it’s important to read a little about what fresh juice means and how to use fruits and vegetables properly. I know this sounds silly but I have found out the hard way that gung ho ain’t the way to go. When you juice, you remove all the dietary fiber from the plant speeding up the rate in which your body delivers nutrients and sugars into your blood stream. Prior to your first glass, read up on which juice does what and give your body a chance to adjust to the new way you’re asking it to digest. My first glass of juice was comprised of 3 large Beets. After about 5 minutes, my heart was racing, my limbs were cold and I thought I was dying. I wish I had read about beet sugar and what happens when it enters your blood stream at rapid speed. Now I know to never have more than 1/4 Beet in any single glass of juice. A little research goes a long way.

Next, hit up your local organic grocery store. Sure, some fruits and vegetables are more important to buy organic than others but for the most part, if it’s fresh and organic you want it and if it looks wilted, it’s probably past the point of doing your body good. The goal is to get raw, living nutrients in your body, not dead unhealthy pesticide treated plant cells.

Make sure you give all your juicing items a good wash and prep them to fit into the juicer shoot. This is a bit time consuming but you’ll be thankful you did your prep work when all is said and done. It’s no fun to have to take your juicer apart and remove the jammed pieces of fruit from the blade.

Find combinations you enjoy but follow the enzyme rules. Did you know your body uses two different types of enzymes to process fruits and vegetables? Never combine fruit juice with vegetable juice with the exception of Apples and Lemons.

I love to start my day with a glass of grapefruit juice. Then I usually move into a green juice for lunch and have another glass for a pre-dinner boost. Sounds like a lot but like I mentioned before, I love to juice and once you get started, you’ll understand why. It makes you feel great, sets your mind at ease knowing you are getting your veggies in and keeps your digestive track in step with a natural flow.

If you really want to go for it, try a juice cleanse! You can do as little as 3 days or as many as 40 days. It might sound crazy but it feels amazing and gives your body a break from the normal grind of digestion. I recently did a 30 Day Green Juice Fast and loved the results. It was a huge challenge and I am so glad I gave it a shot.



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